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How marketing has changed?

Marketing has changed over the years and has changed dramatically ever since the advent of the Internet.

In today’s marketing it is the consumer that searches for the product/ company instead of the traditional marketing where in the companies used to search for customers.
Today’s consumes have a wide range of products to choose from and most consumers go online and search for products/ services. This is one of major changes in marketing. But many companies have still not adapted to this change.
Advertisers earlier focused on delivering one message to a mass audience through various mediums like television, radio, and print. Now companies are shifting money from traditional marketing to Internet marketing because Internet marketing is a more effective way to show proven results.
The key differences or advantages of internet marketing are:

Cost Effective: Which of these 2 options would you as a company prefer ?
Spending 3 lakh for 30 seconds of a Prime time TV slot for a commercial or spending 3 lakh over 1 year for a combined onsustained online marketing camapign.

Target only Potential Customer: Online marketing has higher response rates as compared to traditional marketing like print or television. The Internet is a direct, targeted marketing paradise targeting only potential customer’s  segmented based on demographic,geographic and even psychographic parameters . Internet marketing also does a great job of targeting your advertising spend so that you know all of your money is being spent in the most effective way. Thus internet marketing is better at reaching your target audience.

More Measurable: Internet marketing efforts and spending is more measurable in terms of conversion through website or through brand awareness measured by the number of visits to a website.With Internet marketing you can see real facts and every detail that leads to reaching your goals and determine your ROI.

These are just the key benefits of online marketing besides these there are many more benefits.

Well the question popping in my mind is Has marketing in India really changed? Well marketing in India has not changed dramatically but is slowly evolving as we see the ad spends among Indian advertisers increasing in the online space. The recent Panataloons Femina Miss India contest was excessively promoted through social networks. Also many sucessful movies like 3 Idiots, My Name is Khan all had excessive online marketing campaign. Many ad agencies too are grappling with this change in advertiser preferences to online advertising.

In Indian markets a successful online campaign has to be supported by an offline campaign too  but a time will come not very far away where all marketing efforts will go online.

Well in my successive posts I will be dealing with different forms of internet marketing and Search Engine Optmisation

Please feel free to comment below and your valuable feedback is appreciated since this is my first blog post.


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  1. Tyrone,
    Congrats n Gud going… Get us some live examples of companies workin on it …

    Comment by Ravalnath | May 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. very nice Tyrone 🙂

    Comment by alvita | May 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. Good Insight Tyrone :-). But what i thinks it is going to take preety time for Online Marketing to replace the traditional form of advertisements in developing country like India due to the lack of reach of Internet in rural areas where majority of our population stays.

    Comment by Raj Kumar Sharma | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  4. loved the article….gr8 going if this is ur 1st blog post…..
    But i must say…the traditional marketing has larger impact on a potential consumer as compared to the online marketing for the simple reason that we tend to overlook online ads….however as far is targeting the rite consumer based on the several factors u mentioned is concerned…Well i couldnt agree more…
    waiting for your post on search engine optimization…..happy blogging 🙂

    Comment by Thaddeus | May 18, 2010 | Reply

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